hello there & happy new year to everyone in the forum

I need ideas & advice on how to organise thoughts.

let's say I work for company1 in 2010, company2 in 2011, company3 in 2012

I create & link each company thought to mine.
But : how do you go about representing the chronology ?
I have my own, unsatisfactory methods, but need ideas on how each has come up with solutions to this common problem.

thanks in advance
230+ views of this thread and not a single answer, I'm impressed !

I infer that TheBrain users tend not to make use of time/date data,
or use the calendar function

I do, but not in that manner. 
I use thoughts that represent a week, and attach things I do and projects I worked on for that week as a one way link (from the week thought to the item). I also add what I actually did in the link notes.

As far as this, If I wanted to show this in my database I'd add a link to the day I started work, and the date I ended as parent thoughts, and add a link note "started yy-mm-dd" and "ended yy-mm-dd".

You could also use the calendar to create events on your start and end day. My .02 cents.
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maybe this thread is a little bit useful for you. 


I tried some times to organize thoughts that are dates. But there is no real good way, I think. 

I tried some example: 
(hopefully the screenshots appear in the right chronology) 

Adding some time - like thoughts... 

If the plex would have some grid, or some fixed line, which would be scalable or scaled, 
then, this time - related thougts would be anchored at this line or grid. 

then the timelines, which I have coloured, what with that?

... a short duration should appear as short line, a long duration as longer line. 

but that would reqire something like a grid, where thougts are anchored and ordered on it. 
and I think a single line would be not enough for that, it must be somehow like the grid of excel. 

so long as  thougts are displayed at any variable place in the grid, I think, for this is no way now. 

maybe in some years of development, programmers will be able to implement such thing...?

for this time it looks like that this program is not useful for what I tried to weave here...

further on: 
you see, that my dates are not displayed in the right order. In the first screenshot they are displayed well in a clock way order. 
In the next image this order does not work. 

If the dimension or length of durations from eventbegin to eventend should be scaled and comparable, what means for example 200 years are double the lengt of 100 years, then the plex itself may grow extremly, if there is some event of 800 years...

On my last screenshot, you see, what would be happen, if there would be some grid fixed (anchored) thoughts, a short time for one event and a double so long duration for another event, - and not fixed additional thoughts and connections, that are displayed in the normal free (not fixed) way.

as you now see, the scaling of the upper thougts is not coresponding with the duration of the coloured durations of thougts.

a not linear space of grid, as it is shown here http://optik-in-alfeld.de/wp-content/blogs.dir/343/files/Amsler-Gitter-Test_RTEmagicC_a437c0baa5_jpg.jpg - that means that the upper scale is different to the under sale, could resolve this. 

...why not think about, what in some years could be possible...? Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_224118.png, Views: 1393, Size: 8.37 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_224407.png, Views: 1398, Size: 13.99 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_224429.png, Views: 1389, Size: 47.57 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_224704.png, Views: 1436, Size: 52.20 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_225522.png, Views: 1381, Size: 55.16 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2013-01-22_233004.png, Views: 1382, Size: 52.74 KB
Thanks for taking the time to answer !

hasi123, this :

is actually what I do (albeit using years), linking each year to thoughts.

that being said, this :

"so long as  thougts are displayed at any variable place in the grid, I think, for this is no way now. "

is why I chose The
Brain in the first place. If I *really* needed timeline, I'd have chosen a project management app (which TB is not !)

thanks for the screenshots

Perhaps some of the discussion in this post might also assist:


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Hello & thanks

yes, it confirms that we're all banging our heads against the same problem, since at least 2007 !!

In a graph database, it is possible to set a relationship of  "preceeds."  So you have something like "Node A preceeds Node B."   

I wonder if something similar could be done with link types and reports?  Maybe the thoughts would have to have numbers too though to make it line up properly?
Another timeline suggestion to fill out the picture: [smile]


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Good afternoon,

Back to the future!

A suggestion to  TheBrain to implement a timeline.



The Brain 8 does contain a new timeline feature:

Your Thought modifications are now logged and instantly viewable by time. TheBrain 8 Timeline View gives you a chronological display of the previous 1000 created and modified Thoughts for maximum insight.

Modifications can include:

·         Renaming

·         Editing, adding or deleting attachments

·         Any edit to the Thought notes

·         Renaming

·         Linking or unlinking to another Thought

To view your Thought Timeline, simply click on the clock icon next to the search box.  Modified Thoughts will be displayed chronologically starting with the current date.

timeline view.png 
You are in the wrong thread... [wink]

Additionally, as someone who does have a rather old brain... I also find organization by time helpful especially in my marketing section where alot of events reoccur each year.

I have "marketing current" and then all the other marketing years under marketing, for each previous year. Of course past year projects are also interconnected to active projects, if required or leveraged now.

You can create a Thought type for each year ie "Marketing 2008" or a tag. If you create a tag it is more of a secondary organization preference. If you use a thought type, it will dominate your display. I choose Thought types because I relate to time periods well. You can then also right click on your background and select to organize by type for all Thoughts of the same "type" to be grouped together.
Recommend pinning this thread, its got a lot of good tips related to timelines.
Hello to all

I've just stumbled across this neat little tool :


100% java, by the way

it takes CSV as input and visualises as timeline, with a few options. Not sophisticated, but SIMPLE & to the point.
Wouldn't mind having this kind of view in TheBrain. But - before I spark any debate ! - it's not a priority !!!



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