I am in the process of trying to restore a TB8 brain from a brain zip backup.

Once the restored brain is accessible (it is loading now), I plan to compare the older version of the brain with the current version.

If I decide I want to keep the earlier/older version as my primary database, I have a few questions:
> May I assume the current brain and the older brain both share the same GUID?
> If so, is it sufficient to simply sync the older brain and overwrite the current web brain?
> Is there another, better recommended strategy for returning to an early/older version of a brain?

Any help and feedback will be appreciated.

Yes, they will share the same GUID, so make sure auto sync is turned off. If you decide to keep it, I would do one of the following:
1. Delete the webbrain (online portion) of the later brain. Turn off sync from the later version. Turn on sync from the restored/earlier version.

2. Assign the restored brainzip a new GUID immediately. If you decide to move forward, sync the new brain. there should now be two databases with the same name synchronized. I would change the name of the unrestored database to something like [name]-OLD and also change the theme so they are easy to tell apart. Then when comfortable, delete the newer one.

I would tend to favor the second as it’s more cautious. 😃
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Thanks so much, ZenRain. Really appreciate your prompt feedback and recommendations.

Your clarification confirms the various options I've been considering, and I always welcome the voice of your experience. Many thanks!

Oh, and thanks for the tip about changing the theme! Great idea for keeping things sorted 'til I make my decision.


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