We embed a TB9 brain into our new website, but some people have reported that TB9 is not showing up in the iframes.  

We've created a test page where we have 3 iframes - one with a TB9 brain, one with a TB8 frame, and one with a webpage.

Can you click on the link, and report if you can't see content in one or more of the iframes?  And if that's the case, which one and what you're using.  One user reported the problem using a Chromebook, but we're not sure whether that's the issue. 


All 3 worked just fine for me in Firefox. Brain navigation also worked within each of the 2 brain iframes.

Viewed all 3 in Chrome, and the last 2 displayed perfectly (TB8 iFrame and web page iframe).

However, in Chrome, the top v9 doorway frame displayed with a blank plex (see attached screenshot) and it took an extremely long time to load. In addition, refreshing the page did NOT fix the display problem with TB9 iFrame. Instead, the page just kept acting like it was trying to load the iframe contents, but I got a message saying: "Waiting for cache...." Don't know if this was browser resource issue on my computer, or a problem with TB9 web client.

Will test again in a few minutes with Firefox closed to see if it helps with the display in Chrome.

Update: Display in Chrome was perfect (and fast) on all 3 iframes after I closed Firefox and TB10.

I think the problem is that I had too little ram available to run Chrome along with Firefox and TB10 which was locked up (frozen) on my desktop.

Once I closed both of these apps, and more ram memory was available, the iFrames performed as expected -- so I'm curious if the issue your user reported was related to his/her Chromebook having limited ram memory?
Late to the party here, but I'm a chrome user and I see all three as well.


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