I'm running TheBrain Apr 24, 2015 (J-1.6.0_27) on Windows 7 SP1.

I wanted to avoid showing tags alongside thoughts, and page 58 [printed page number, not Adobe page number] of TheBrain 8 User Guide mentions a 'Look and feel' preference of 'Hide tag hints' (it also shows this in figure 66).

However, when I do Options, Preferences and select the Look & Feel tab, I don't see that option (although I do see the option to 'Override distant Thought color' in its place).

I checked the brain file which included this line:


although I've had little luck changing it (even with TheBrain stopped), but in any case from what I read it would be a global preference and I cannot find anything like it in TheBrain8Preferences XML file (though i tried creating one there called HideTags).

... I later found that it's possible to control the display of tags items on a tag-by-tag basis which i think i'd prefer to the single global option, but as the global option is documented and may still be useful anyway i thought i'd still report the discrepancy between my GUI and the associated version 8 manual...

It's been moved, it's now under Preferences > Brain. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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