It would be good if PersonalBrain could somehow remember the setting of Hide/Show Gridlines in the Notes tab. Depending on what you paste into the notes tab, gridlines can sometimes be ugly. For example, when I paste anything from Outlook, the Notes page displays lots of gridlines until I select Hide Gridlines from the Table menu in the Notes tab. When I restart PersonalBrain, I have to select Hide Gridlines again if I don't want them displayed. I am doing this all the time, and am getting tired of doing so.

Also, the Notes tab doesn't automatically refresh itself when you change the Hide/Show gridlines setting. If you change this setting and want to see it take effect, you have to make another thought active and then return to the original thought in order to force the Notes tab to refresh itself.

Thank you for pointing this out.  The Notes section is actually created by a 3rd party, but I'll contact them to see if this (and other) issue (s) can be addressed.

Thank you,

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