Make the checkbox/option 'Hide tag hints' (from 'Preferences|Brain') available in the toolbar of the 'Tags' tab.

Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Has my vote too. +1. 

And many of the options related with the Plex appearance could have na Instant Activation in a new Tab/Window, to configure for example:
- Colors.
- Hide/Show Tag Hints.
- Wallpaper.
- Thoughts: Text shadows, Backgrounds, Fade distant, etc.
- Links: Thickness, Draw links, Curved links, Hide link labels, Glow effect, Thicken highlighted links, etc.
- General User Interface Options. Etc.

- And a new option por "Automatically Thought Creation from Clipboard". TheBrain could capture selected text (and Images) from the Clipboard, inserting the First Line as Title and the others in the Notes.                   

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