I've noticed in the German dictionary that several entries are wrong or incomplete, partially due to the complex grammar rules.

  • Gedanken - the plural and accusative form of Gedanke (meaning "thought" no less!!!) brings up the correction dialog when spell-checking, and
    1. the much less often used genitive case Gedankens is incorrectly offered as the first suggestion to correct Gedanken.
    2. second choice-offering is Gedanke n, which shouldn't be in the dictionary at all ... and I may have added it by accident once upon a time - i.e., I can't tell if this is a standard (global) entry or personal (local) one.
I know I can individually add entries to the local dictionary, deleting them or correcting them, either locally or globally, is another matter.

  1. How can the local spell-checking dictionaries be edited (entries deleted or corrected)?
  2. How can global spell-checking dictionaries be improved (i.e. cleaned up)?
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- Michael
TheBrain beta / 9.1.x / / (PB) 6 || Win7

Thank you for posting.  We've contacted our Notes editor vendor and submitted a feature request to enable editing the dictionary manually.

Thank you,

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