Does anyone have a factual or other basis for guessing how large Brains "should be" for mass audiences?   My suspicion is that we're talking about a few hundred thoughts, and that when you significantly exceed that you enter the "fear of spaghetti" zone. Any data at all on this question?

Love your "fear of spaghetti" analogy, Mark! I suspect this is a very real phenomenon for many new web brain visitors....

In fact, with our consulting clients, my partner and I have run into a similar aversion to "spaghetti diagrams", i.e. communication matrices that are so complex they obfuscate rather than clarify....

My first thought is we'd probably need some relatively broad focus group input on large web brains to get a feel for how new brain visitors are reacting. Is this the kind of data you're looking for?

At the very least, it would be great if each public web brain could also include a feedback-comment-contact form for visitors.

Your thoughts?

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