Apologies if the answer is out there, I have looked possibly in wrong place.

Essentially, I am wondering what the limit is to the number of thoughts and connections.  Will my second brain slow down or stop if it overfull?  I am wondering whether I should have one brain for everything, or split into work, play, family etc....

technically what are the limitations (assuming a modern Mac or PC)?


OOOoooohhh I want to know too!
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Hi guys, welcome to the forum

The answer is simple, PB4 as software is virtually unlimited! You can have as many children, parent or jump thoughts (none of the limits of PB3) and the entire brain can expand indefinately. I think the PB4 will certainly be taking advantage of upcoming hardware improvements as the expanded view possibilities are only limited by the hardware used.

In terms of usage, I tend to use a single brain for everything (about 35,000 thoughts currently). As Da Vinci pointed out, everything in the world is connected It makes even more sense now because PB4 has increasingly capable thought selection controls and shortly the ability to export sets of thoughts to another brain will be available. However, there are many people who have a few separate brains for different areas, just down to your own personal usage model really.



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I kind of think that a natural division of Brains is one for personal use and one for professional (home and work), and tried it.  Seems ok, stuff done at work is the companies in a way (?).  Plus, if I have passwords or contacts in home brain I don't want them in the other.

However, when one is at work and feeds the Brain, the Home Brain does not get updated with any of these thoughts.  So, I wound up using both Brains at all times.  Not good.  I still have multiple Brains, one is running PB4 and the other PB3.

I'm still thinking about this approach and why it doesn't work.  Perhaps, future Brain versions could have features that help here. 

Here is a linked thought  :-)  :    Microsoft's SynchToy has multiple sync modes, could the Brain have sync modes?  That is, in addition to 'private' thoughts, there are shared thoughts, and the Brain as a whole or parts of it, have designated shared target Brains.  The sync has various options, one way, missing, etc., like synctoy, and the sharing is protected by permissions, as in file systems.  Not sure if PB4 or BrainEKP has this already.

--- Josef


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