in TB10/TB11
usecase 1:
When I'm trying to model a decision, sometimes it's helpful to list your relevant beliefs for choosing an alternative.
However since you're not a lunatic, you're not ever believing anything 100%. Some things you believe more than other things. Thus adding p-values for each belief by adding a percentage to a link would be great.
However as far as I can tell, in TheBrain there's no way to do this using only the keyboard.

usecase 2:
A jumpthought connects two associations. For some reason I'd want to set directionality and add some text.

In usecase 1, I'd have to right-click the thought, left-click thought properties and then type some text and hit enter.
In usecase 2 I'd have to additionally tab to the one-way box. However, if I want the arrow to go to the reverse direction I am left with not choice but to click the arrow.

This is too slow to be useful. I plan on having tens of thousands of thoughts over the years. After having learnt all the shortcuts (which should take me a wekk max), I expect to use the mouse only a couple of hundred times during those same years.

Am I missing some way of working with links in an efficient manner? For me, they feel like a "theoretical feature".

Theoretically you can work with link-labels, but it's just too impractical from what I can tell.
One solution would be that shift+arrow-key would select the link instead of selecting where the respective link would lead. Then one could ctrl+enter and edit the link title. The menu could easily be changed so that I can switch direction of the arrow. Even better would be, if in addition I could set a shortcut to toggle thru the three different arrow states: "no arrow", "arrow in 'left' direction", "arrow in 'right' direction".
Am I missing something here?

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

I more or less stopped working with link labels, link notes, and link directions. They don't port over really well to iPad or Android clients. And planning for years and years ahead, I think they become harder and harder to select as one grows older. Also: too much friction.

I use some "versus" overviews where over time I list the pro's and con's of two competing solutions, usually software with some overlapping functionality.

I use dot number notation to group each option together. In the thought name I append +++ or --- to show I like/dislike a feature. The more + or - the better. So, +++++ equals 5 stars.

Maybe something similar would work for you
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)

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