When I would like to work together with my customer in one Brain, how does it work? I must have a version of TeamBrain (v9)? My customer, too? When we like to work together only for a limited time, a few times or a month or so...? With TeamBrain is there an automatic sync, so that we can work simultaniously or do I have to sync by hand every time?

TeamBrain capabilities are not yet entirely developed in v9.  But eventually, we'll have the same capabilities (and more) that exists for TeamBrain in v8.  If you and your customer both have a TeamBrain account, you can share individual Brains with them, giving them either read only or editor access.  You can modify access levels at any time on a Brain that you own/administrate. 

Another option is for you to own 2 or more TeamBrain accounts.  You can then assign an account to a customer for a limited time.  When your project is over, resign that TeamBrain license to the next customer...

And yes, we always encourage TeamBrain users to leave their Brain on Auto Sync.  This way the latest, greatest version is always available to everyone that has access to a Brain.

For more information on TeamBrain and to set up a 30 day free trial, please send a note to and check out the TeamBrain page at .

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