Hi, have been using a single Brain to collect all my stuff. Now I want to use webbrain to publish part of it.

I figured that the best thing would be to split off the parts which I want to publish. I did some experimenting and just copied the _brain directory and .brain file and renamed them, then uploaded the clean Brain.

However, I discovered that WebBrain seems to use some Brain ID to identify which brain is being synched, rather than the name of the Brain (good), but this means I have two Brains with the same ID.

How do I change the ID of a Brain so that I have two unique brains, rather than two versions of the same Brain?
Hi Fnurl, 
Yes, this can be accomplished. Open your second version Brain. Go to: File>Utilities>Assign Brain new GUID. After you do this, you can then sync this brain and it will be uploaded as a separate Brain all-together. Not connected to the original in any way. Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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