I've been away from the Brain for many years and have invested in a subscription and gone through installing and updating to version 8, 9 and 10.

How do I have a Windowless Brain on the Desktop like I used to?

I don't like the look of the Window version and can't find an option anywhere.

I don't recall what it was called - the Windowless plex on desktop mode or what version had it.

What was that feature called?

Which version had it?

Is it not available in version 10?

If it is where is it?

I'd like to go back to the old version that supports it if someone could kindly tell me which version that is and what the feature is called please.

To help answer my own question after installing every version from 4 to 10 it's version 6 - Transparent Mode - Awesome!

That's what I want to use.  Registration server wont accept my valid purchased serial code so I have to contact support.

The Brain has gone from Cool to Un-Cool.  Bummer.
Hi Sean,

TheBrain 8 has both a Presentation Mode, which would not have system bars, and Transparent mode. It also has an active login server so you wouldn't run into the issue that you are seeing with PersonalBrain 6.

@shatcher ~

From what you've said, am I correct in assuming that the transparent mode has been sunsetted in TB10? 
Hi Metta,

Yes that is correct. Transparent Mode is not a feature of TheBrain 10.


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