I'm only able to expose two generations up or down. I want to be able to see more. Where is the setting to do that? 
Related issue: Outline mode stretches the levels out horizontally, so I have to scroll sideways if I've expanded a lot. And again, it only shows the segment with the current active thought. E.g.:
Let's say I have Home, A, A1, A2, A3, B, B1, B2, B3, C, C1, C2, C2a, C2b, C2c, C3, C4
Active thought is C2.
  • In Outline mode the most I can see is Home, C, C2, C2a, and anything under C2a.
    I can't see any other branch of Home. I can't see any other branch of C. However, I can see the full outline if I make Home the active thought and scroll sideways.
  • In Normal mode the most I can see is C, C1, C2, C2a, C3, C4.
    I can't see anything under C2a, or any other branch from Home. I I make Home the active thought I can expand it to see two levels down but no further (I can see C2 but not C2a).
S Kay

Normal view will only expand to show 2 generations of Thoughts. Outline is great for viewing more, but is spread out intentionally so the branches don't get confused, or overlap.

I would either use MindMap view, or use Outline and zoom out. Hold Ctrl and tap - (minus) to zoom out. (Mac: Cmd and -).
Thanks. Do you have any plans to make it possible to see more than 2 generations in Normal view? Or to choose how spread out you want the Outline view? One of the things I love about theBrain is being able to see distant connections at a glance, and these restrictions make it hard to do that.
S Kay

There is active discussion within the development team on the possibilities of creating an expanded view as you have described. This actually used to exist in earlier versions of TheBrain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and request.  I'll certainly share them with the rest of the team.

Thank you,

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