I would like to know from you how make it with your tasks? I see it is a difference if you work alone or in a team. May be it is a difference if you work in the system of Apple, Google/Android or Microsoft.

Do you use thoughts in TB for your tasks?
Do you use linked Microsoft Outlook-tasks?
Do you plan your tasks in TB and copy to another task application? Which one?
I don't track tasks in TheBrain. I tried several times, but I have a lot of recurring, date specific tasks, and contex specific tasks. I ended up managing the task list in the plex more than I did doing the actual tasks.
The main things I ran into were:
  • No way to manually arrange thoughts (important for managing the tasks I needed to do next)
  • No way to report on thoughts with checkboxes in the notes. A report where you click on a thought and it shows the results in the plex would be perfect for this. /Sigh.
  • Accessing saved reports is a bit cumbersome.
  • I used thought types for completed and non-completed tasks and often they should have been a different type, so those didn't work well for my workflow.
  • TheBrain is not on the iPhone or iPad (or any mobile device), and while WebBrain is ok for finding documents now and then, it's not ok for extended usage. I want to have my task list available everywhere.
I now use OmniFocus on my Mac, iPhone and iPad since they are always with me and my task list is always available. I use TheBrain for project files, links and references.

One exception is a repeating office project with specific steps that are required. For this I set up a template thought, add all the links, documents and template e-mails to the attachments, and add the steps in the notes with a checkbox.
Every time I need to do that project or task set I duplicate the thought, rename it (my template thoughts have the project type and "Template" in the name), link it to the correct location and I then have all my steps and files I need.

I have a couple of links in the TB User KB that is related to GTD, you might find them interesting also.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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