It's listed as a new feature for 10.0.5

→ When do which attachments get indexed how?

I have a bunch of searchable PDF's. I get results on some over here, some over there, then none on the other side, etc.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | FeedlyPrintFriendly | TheBrain v11.0.42.0

(Windows 10)
Anything that is searchable by the underlying OS (Windows or macOS) it should be found by TheBrain’s search also. If it is in a location that is not indexed by the OS, it will not be searchable. 
Ah, and there is the rub: TheBrain starting from version 9 uses the OS native search algorithm and can therefore be only as good (and bad!). This is terribly unfortunate, especially in view of:
  1. Microsoft Windows' Desktop Search is notoriously patchy, to put it politely.
  2. TheBrain8 and previous versions used their own internal search algorithm and were much more reliable.

Case study on an internal pdf attachment
A search on the verifiable existing text returning in an internal pdf file gives no hits in TB9 or TB 10.
Searching for the same within the pdf-file and within TB8 delivers a hit in both cases:
SearchResults-PDFApp.png  SearchResults_TheBrain8.png   

So what is wrong with TB9 & 10? They are using Windows Search! Testing this within the indexed brain folder also delivered no hits:
Breaking up the word step by step (eventually arriving at the search term re tu rn in g) reveals the flaws TB inherits from Windows:


Discovering this is quite dreadful and enough to make me factor in this drawback in considering whether to stick with TheBrain8 (though I have already purchased TB9)-:  This isn't going to be easy. I don't suppose there is any chance of going back to the TB native search, is there?

- Michael
TheBrain beta / 9.1.x / / (PB) 6 || Win7

Oh, and by the way, Windows Search /TB 9 & 10 do not really find the term re tu rn in g as a whole.

They found re, but nothing beyond and including ret
They found tu, but nothing beyond and including tur.
They found rn, but nothing beyond and including rni.
They found in, but nothing beyond and including ing.
And finally they found g.

How broken and busted can you get? (And yes, I re-indexed the Windows Search, in case you are wondering.)

Maybe you could use a third-party search engine instead of Microsoft's. (I seriously doubt Windows 10 is much better, never mind reasonably good, but I can not yet speak from experience.)

- Michael
TheBrain beta / 9.1.x / / (PB) 6 || Win7


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