Hi all,

Like others, I have had some struggle to display the thoughts in the order I want, not alpha-numeric. Earlier I posted a problem with a weekend schedule where I wanted to show:

Saturday                                                          Sunday
         -------------- child                                           -------------- child 
         -------------- child                                           -------------- child

Sunday                                       but got           Saturday
       --------------  child                                            -------------- child
       --------------  child                                           --------------  child 

What I do in this case is use tags and labels. First I tag Saturdays as '1' and Sundays as '2'. This automatically re-ordered the thoughts into 

When you mouse over Saturday the tag box displays '1'. Therefore you need to hi-light the thought and insert a label that more accurately reflects the thought. In my case I teach on Saturday so when I mouse over the thought, it reads Woelke and my friend teaches on Sunday so I labelled it "Smith'

Works like a charm

David Woelke

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