Hello all, 

How many levels can I see in a personal brain? At the moment, I'm seeing a parent link and its children. I would like to be able to see several levels at once. Is such a thing possible? 

Have a good one, 

In View > Normal you can see parents, child and active thought.

In View > Normal and clicking Expand all you can see grandparents, parents, child and grandchild.
In View > Outline view you an drill down as many children as there are, and in Outline view version 5.5 (in beta) you can also drill up into parent grandparent as far as it goes.

Finally, in View > Expanded you can view, well, a lot.
All views can also be accessed from the right click menu, and in 5.5 you can assign keyboard shortcuts.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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