Hi all,

I have RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) which in my case requires me to use a high contrast inverse color theme.  I'm using Windows 7 and PB5.5.  I have also configured PB to use Black Theme.  I've set my default note style to black bg and white fg.  My question is when I'm trying to enter a hyperlink into the Notes section of a thought, I want to change the hyperlink color from what appears to be dark blue (hard for me to see against the black background).  I tried highlighting the hyperlink and clicking the color button and then white, but this doesn't chave the color of the hyperlink.  I can highlight the hyperlink and click highlight color button and change it to white which switches the background surrounding the link with white so the dark blue is more readable.  This is however, not what I want and kind of tedious to do each time.  Normally in firefox and IE you can change the color of links.  I don't see where this is configureable in PB, is it hard coded or is there a config file in which I can change hyperlinks so they always show up white or some other lighter color?



Hi Scott welcome to the forum. I don't think notes hyperlink color can be changed in PB just now, but if they made it possible, they'd also have to let you change the color of the text (I-bar) cursor from black to something else. I find PB's thought type colors look better against a really dark background and did this for the plex, but had to settle for a neutral gray for notes. I use a customized Windows cursor in the plex, but can't do anything about notes.

Also, when you close one brain and open another, the background for the screen containing the list of your recently open brains always remains glaring white which is a bit of a jolt if you use dark wallpaper for your plex and everything else. It would be nice if that could be inverted too.

Alan Rhodes

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