I am quite astonished that after a hyperlink is pasted into a thought, after that if I want to edit it or copy it, I can find nowhere to do this!

If there are two links pasted into a thought, it is easy. I can point my mouse to the link icon, it will show a number "2" which implies 2 links attached. Then I can left click, it will show both links, then I point to the one I want to edit, and right click again.

This requires too many steps, but at least can get the job done. But when there is only one link, I cannot find the entry point. Could anyone help on this?
Thanks for posting. You can do this in the attachment tab.  Each attachment associated with a Thought will have it's own tab (or appear in a list if that is your preferred setting) where it can be modified, deleted, etc. This video tutorial will help show you more...

On the attachment tab, where you can open the attachment in it's native application, there is also a pencil icon, where it can be edited and a hamburger button where you can delete the attachment.


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