Finally figured out a way to do this.  Works with PB4 and 5.  Assume you're running 10.5.5 or almost.

1. Create the Smart Folder.  It can be all your pdfs under Home (i.e., \[username]) for instance.  If you choose to add it to the Finder Sidebar during creation, you'll immediately see its purple gear icon there and you can check to see that it's working.

2. The icon in the Sidebar is just an alias, however, so now verify that the Smart Folder is saved in \[username]\Library\Saved Searches.  If you can't find it there, run Spotlight to hunt it down.

3. Now create a new folder for an alias to your smart folder (which you're about to create).  You can put it in \[username]\Library\ and call it "Saved Searches Shortcuts" for instance.  That way, it's right below and easy to keep track of.

4. Now create an alias to the Smart Folder you just created and put it in the new "Saved Searches Shortcuts" folder (or whatever/wherever you chose to call/put it) by doing the following: Command-Option-Click-and-Drag the Smart Folder icon from the \[username]\Library\Saved Searches into the new folder you just created.  If the operation is successful, the icon will be identical in the new folder with the addition of a small black arrow at the bottom left.

5. Now drag that alias right onto the Plex to where you want it.  PB should create a new Thought with the proper link embedded in the Thought.

6. However, your link icon is probably an ugly, sterile, blank icon.  So you want it to look cool and purple like a real Smart Folder.  Here's how...

7. Go back to \[username]\Library\Saved Searches and find the original Smart Folder (the one without the arrow). 

8. Ctrl-Click the icon and choose Get Info.  Click on the small icon at the very top; it should shimmer (glow) slightly to show that you've selected it.  Now Command-C to copy it.

9. Open Preview.  Then click File, "New from Clipboard."

10. You'll now see the icon in Preview with 4 variations of it on the right in a sidebar.  Click the next to smallest. We're choosing this one so that if you mouse over it in PB, it balloons to exactly the right size as it should.

11. Click Command - "+" a few times to enlarge your view of the image.  It may look fuzzy on the edges, but don't worry; that's just because it's zoomed in big enough to crop it accurately.  Now click and drag diagonally over it to create a rectangular selection area, omitting the top little folder flap, so that your crop rectangle is sized correctly and completely purple.  Command-K to crop to your selection. 

12. Command-A to select the newly cropped image, and Command-C to copy it.  Return to PB, Ctrl-click right on the Thought (not the link icon) where your link to the Smart Folder is, and click on Paste Thought Icon.  It won't refresh right away.  You'll have to move the mouse focus away for a few seconds and then bring it back to hover over the Thought to refresh it to new icon image.

Now you have a beautiful link on your Thought to a Smart Folder, and you should also have immediate functionality when you click on the icon (should immediately open a Finder window to the original Smart Folder).

Thank you, that's very helpful.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Wow! Thanks for that example of technical writing at its very best. I didn't realize I could play with icons in Preview (though I do use it for quick-and-dirty image resizing).

I think the best way to learn new software is to mess with customization, and hey, no better place to start than with icons. The latest update may have fixed an earlier issue I had with adding my icons, so thanks for drawing me in to try again and it worked beautifully.

Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP
Ending Emotional Eating,
One Bite at a Time

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