I followed your great Youtube Video casting David Allen explaining how he uses TheBrain.
I'm trying to figure out how I can create a workflow to engage concrete actions list from Brain's Thoughts.
How to use TheBrain to brainstorm, identify projects with the creation of a project support filing system, and related actions and then to inject these actions in a to do list software ?

Thank you very much for your thoughts on this topic.

Appreciate your question, Eric. I will be following this discussion with interest.

Just to clarify: do you want all the task details to be located in the to-do list software? Or did you simply want the to-do list application to link back to task and project details located in TheBrain?

Also, are you wanting to use a web-based to-do list app? Or is it important for you to have access to the to-do list app (and the brain?) on your desktop?

Update: Just now found this related discussion
I would probably approach it by:

1. Brainstorming, creating thoughts around each idea.
2. Pruning. Deciding which brainstorm ideas to pursue. You could identify these thought using either a Type or Tag depending on what would work best in your existing brain.
3. For each idea to pursue, create child thoughts for actions related to them. Give them a Thought type of "action" or something similar.
4. Use the report to select thoughts with a type of "Action". To narrow down further, use the Time field in the report to narrow down to the dates you created these thoughts for. 
5. When the action thoughts are identified, click the report dropdown menu button and choose Add All to Selection
6. This will create a selection on the left hand side. Right click that and choose Copy as Text Outline
7. Paste/Import into your application of choice depending on how it accepts data

You will probably want to modify the workflow as you get used to things, but this should work as a starting point.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 10.0.54
Thank you very much for your help.
That’s sounds good. Copying the Text Outline in the to-do app will be ok.
I’m going to process your recommandation and get back to you.

Thank you again.
Thank you very much Metta.

I’m in a sales management role and use softwares (CRM, To do app) on mobile and laptop too. This is difficult actually to follow tasks in CRM (CRM project or task user interface isn’t really attractive to me. But no choice as CRM use is mandatory) and tasks in a To-do list (personal projects and pro projects).
In addition my company uses sometimes a project management software with its own projects and relevant tasks….

TheBrain solution is a must for me now (I was using another Software for mind mapping before) and I’m trying to understand how to simplify the flow between TheBrain, Project Management Software / CRM and To-Do list.

To answer your question, the To-do List software is a daily useful tool to work with « contexts » tasks (@call, @errand, @on-line, @Long, @Short, @waiting for, @agendas, ….) all with a good UI.
Link back to project/Thought or Brain is not a problem but the link back is an internet action (no TheBrain zapier or ifttt ?).
I would prefer a a desktop version but why not a web interface on desktop (plus a mobile app of course).
Good to know, Eric. Hope you can find a good flow that works for you.

TheBrain has been indispensable for me, as well -- and I'll be looking forward any hints and tips you care to share along the way. ðŸ™‚

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