I have a brain I don't want that got broken somehow it throws errors on startup is greyed out; how do I delete it. The menu hamburger doesn't give menu when clicked on like working brain.

Running V10
You will have to follow these instructions in order to repair your greyed out Brain:

-Quit TheBrain
-Open a file explorer

-Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TheBrain\MetaDB

-Click on Go > Go to
-Type ~/.TheBrain/v9/MetaDB

-Rename the file there to TheBrainMeta.db.old
-Restart TheBrain
-Login again

This will force TheBrain to rebuild the Brains listing. You will need to log in again and reset your preferences.

Once you have done this you can then delete this Brain via the hamburger icon.

Best regards,
TheBrain Technologies
I have a grayed brain (because I suppressed the files directly on disk instead of using the hamburger menu)

I tried the above procedure, but the brains is still grayed ..

is there something else I can do to get rid of it ?
PB on Windows 7 and 10
went to the procedure a second time (or was it two more times) , and in worked
PB on Windows 7 and 10

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