I would like to delete a set of connected thoughts but I don't know how to do it. I want to delete a set of connected thoughts automatically with a short series of steps.

Instead of deleting one by one.

question 2
Another question is how do I save a Brain and then make a copy of it, while saving under a different name. That way I would have two brains that are similar under different names, so that I can make changes to one of them without changing the layout of the first brain.

I want to do this so that I can delete some thoughts in my brain file, and still leave the original brain untouched with all the thoughts I had to start with. I would like to save the new second brain under a different name.

Is this possible?

Question 1

When you Ctrl+Click (PC) or Cmd+Click (Mac, I think) a thought, the thought is added to a selection box which opens on the left side of the plex. When you have Ctrl+Clicked all the thoughts to be deleted, Right+Click in the body of the Selection Box and select Forget Selection from the menu. Close the Selection Box when done.
Note: Ctrl+Click'ing is a fast and easy way of adding individual thoughts to the Selection Box. Ctrl+Click'ing a thought's Parent or Child or Jump gate (see manual) will add all thoughts connected to that gate to the Selection Box. Become familiar with this feature in a test brain before using in an important brain.
Question 2
  1. File > Create BrainZip to save a copy of the active brain.
  2. File > Rename Brain to change the name of the active brain.
  3. Exit the PersonalBrain program.
  4. In your file system manager (e.g., Explorer) locate the BrainZip file created in step 1. Double click that file. PersonalBrain will recreate the original brain with the original name.
-- Sam

Hi jaxip, welcome to the forum.

You did not tell us how your thoughts were connected, but if there is more than one "generation" of Thoughts involved (e.g., parent-child-grandchild) you might want to check out Edit > Crawl Brain and Modify Selection...

Tell it in which direction to search and how many generations and it will add all the Thoughts it finds to the Selection Box, then you can press Shift down, R-click in the Selection Box and choose Delete.

Even if you don't use Crawl Brain, adding your thoughts to Selection and then deleting them is a good general method.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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