I'm newbie using PB and it is very interesting in order to document your ideas, meetings, and so on however I find very difficult to export the information to another format.

Before testing PB I used iGTD that was a way to keep all the tasks, ideas, brainstormings and tag them and thereafter to sync them with my Palm via iCal (I mean iGTD synched with iCal and iCal with my Palm) so I could keep all the todos and tasks with me.

I'm using PB now as GTD tool, I've created several tags (@important, @today, etc...) however if I need move them to my mobile device I do not find a way.

Any ideas? Is it possible to convert some of the output files provided by its own exporter to a iCal readable files?


There is no way to export it as an iCal readable file, sorry.

If you are using 5.5 (currently in Beta, please peruse the beta forum before you decide if you wish to try it or not, if you are running Snow Leopard, then don't upgrade yet) you can activate the tag, ?-click the gate to the children so all the thoughts are selected, and then choose Edit > Copy as Text Outline with Notes.

You can then paste in any document (since it's copied as text, any formatting will be lost).
Also on 5.5 you can choose File > Export to Folders (Pro only) and it will export your notes as fully formatted .html, so you can open it or print, or reformat as needed. 

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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