Is there a schedule for filtering implementation in TheBrain 9?

Thanks for your support
Thank you for posting. The Filtered Views, based on Report results is documented as a feature request, but no date has been set for when this feature may become available.

Thank you,
This is a pretty important feature in my mind.  If one is going to use Thebrain to do a presentation ( a documented use of thebrain) then you need to be able to filter thing you dont want your audience to see. 

If you set those Thoughts that you don't want to show to be private, you can then hide them in your Brain while doing the presentation.

Cheers, Sean
+1. I find it extremely important, not only for presentations but for pretty much everything I do. 

For example,
  1. I have my personal info and my work in a single brain.
  2. Within my work I have several projects. 
  3. I want to look at a specific project.
  4. I want only to see uncompleted tasks.
The only way to do this I have been able to come up with involves things like having specific Thought Types for "completed tasks", which I believe would not be the best solution, for several reasons. 

I can't imagine how to make use of its full power without filters. Maybe I don't have the right mental model about how to use The Brain?

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