TheBrain Official Download

The latest official release of TheBrain is always available from the main download page:


TheBrain Automatic Update Channels 

TheBrain includes an integrated update service which detects new releases when it is launched if it hasn't checked recently. You can initiate an update check by choosing Check for Update from the Help menu on Windows or from TheBrain menu on Mac.

There are 3 public update channels which you can select between via Preferences > System > Updates:
  • Alpha - The absolute latest. Frequent updates as often as every day or two.
  • Beta - The leading edge but not the frontline. Updates every few weeks.
  • Stable - As isolated as possible from bugs and new features until they have been used by others extensively. Updates monthly or as required.

We have put significant effort into making the update process more much seamless in TheBrain. The software will download and run the update process without the need for you to open a web browser and interact with an install wizard.

If you are having trouble with the update process, please visit
If you continue to experience issues after following the directions there, please email support@thebrain.com.

TheBrain Cloud Services

TheBrain Cloud Services are updated on a continual basis and are automatically available to you as soon as they are made.

The web client is accessed via https://app.thebrain.com

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