Hey everyone,

This post is in response to this post here:

in regards to indexing and the maximum size limit of PDFs.

My solution?  Keep the original PDF outside of the Brain, and split the PDF into smaller files that will fit under the size limit.

There are multiple programs to do this, one of which is here:

I've tried it and it works well enough (one caveat is that the result files cannot be opened with Acrobat 5.0; you'll get a "file corrupted" error and it won't open.  In which case, I recommend as an alternative reader).

This allows you to get the PDF into your Brain and indexed.  I also recommend attaching them one file per thought even if you have the Pro version.

Be sure to make a backup copy of your file before you try anything on it, and to keep the original pdf so that you'll have access to the whole thing in one file.


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