If you are interested in localizing TheBrain 9, please contact support@thebrain.com and let us know so that we can coordinate efforts.

For localization files, please go the the Help menu and select "Open Log Directory". Under the parent directory from there, you will see a "Localization" folder.

You can edit the txt file you will see there. You must save it is as "Localization.txt". When new versions of the software come out, any new strings must be added to your "Localization.txt" file or they will appear as missing localization errors in the software (see below). To return to the default localization, delete the "Localization.txt" file.

Please note that the way this file works is much different than that of version 8:

The order of the information in the file is important. Do not change the location of each line as the section headers, which start with "##" are important for how TheBrain loads the text. This keeps all of the text for an area of the software together. For example, all of the text related to single dialog box will be located under a "## Dialog.DialogIdentifier" header.

Each line starts with an identifier that should not be changed. After the ID is a pipe symbol, "|", and following this is the actual text string that appears in the software and should be localized.

For some lines, there are two or more strings to be localized. For these cases, each string is separated by a pipe symbol.

Localization Errors
If a mistake is made when editing the localization file, TheBrain 9 may not be able to locate a localization string and the missing text will be displayed in the application as Localization ? ID : NUMBER. Where ID is the combination of the header and ID and NUMBER is the position of the string within the line where 0 is the first item.


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