Using TheBrain on a Mac (Sierra). Work policies prevent using sync features. Trying to figure out how to manage people contacts. Using Outlook 2019 for mail. 

I have not seen anyway to "share" contacts between Outlook and the Brain short of manually export/importing a vcf file whenever I make a change -- is this correct?

What I have been doing it adding .vcf file to the brain's templates folder.  My 'Contact Template.vcf' contains which represents a new, empty contact in Apple Contacts:

PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//Mac OS X 10.12.6//EN

After adding a new person such as 'Bill Tester', as a thought in my brain, I'll click the plus tab and then double-click my 'Contact Template.vcf' file. When I do this I see a"Tester,Bill.vcf" tab appear for the thought. Simultaneously Apple Contacts opens and a dialog appears saying "Are you sure you want to add 1 card?" with Cancel|Add buttons.

If I click Cancel, no contact is added to Contacts but I'm left with "Tester,Bill.vcf" in the thought. Clicking it again, repeats the cycle.

If I click Add, I end up with a contact named 'No Name' in Apple Contacts. If I then click Edit, I can edit the contact but when I click Done, the changes are not reflected back in the thought, the vcf file has not been changed, so I'm not really sure what the linkage is between the throught, the vcf file the throught is pointing to and the contact in Apple Contacts. 

Can anyone refer me to a workable process for managing contacts -- hopefully one that doesnt involve a lot of import and exporting?

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