I like the Outline View, which allows me to see "upward" relationship and extended "map" to much farther depth.  However, whenever I need to open an attachments (such as PDF, my main content holder), I have to "click and centered" that thought otherwise the content of the Thought tab will be changed.   But when I do that, I lost the viewing scope to the sibling (in Outline mode".

I can kind of work around this issue with Extended View, but wonder if there is a way to "lock the Though tab content" so I can open the attachment without changing the map (center thought).


I'm not quite sure what you are describing here, but you can move and customize the tool tabs to your liking. There is a tutorial available on this HERE.
It's been a while since I've used v8, but if I'm remembering correctly there's a keyboard accelerator to open the tools window in a seperate window in Preferences. 

I believe what you can do for this is assign the keyboard accelerator (it used to be ctrl+shift + a for me). Then hover over the thought and press the key combination you assigned. This should open the tools window for the thought you are hovering over, not the active thought. 
Again, it's been about 7 months since I've used it, so hopefully I'm remembering correctly.

Alternately, you should just be able to hover over the attachment icon for that thought in the plex (be careful to click on just the icon and not the text) and click it to either open the attachment, or show a window with a list of those attachments. 

Neither of those should lose your position in the outline.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

You got exactly what I tried to do.  Sorry for my wrong terminology.  "Active thought" is the official term to my "centered thought".  [smile]

And the keyboard shortcut ("accelerator") of Thought >> Open Attachment (needs to be assigned to e.g. ctrl-shift-a) works the wonder for me.

The icon clicking won't work if I have more than one attachment since you cannot select it with mouse hovering.

Thanks a lot!!

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