I am new to the brain and like to know if there is an easy way to relink a thought while keep the text (and properties) of the link
Thanks in advance
I'm not sure if this will meet your need, but have you discovered or experimented with link types?

If not, it would be worth testing them to see how they function:
> Mouse over the link
> Right click > Select "Set Type" > Enter the name for your new link type
> Hover over new typed link in the plex > Right Click > Select "Properties"
> In the Properties window, select the small pencil icon to change the properties for your new link type
> A new (secondary) window will open, allowing you to edit the link type properties as desired (text, color, line width, direction, etc.)

> The first Properties window is for editing the properties of the individual LINK (only)
> The secondary window (pencil icon) is for editing the properties of the link TYPE
> Existing link types can easily be assigned or changed by hovering over the link and selecting "Set Type".
> The command to DELETE an existing link type is hidden in the hamburger menu in the lower left-hand corner of the secondary (link type) properties box.

Hope this helps! ðŸ™‚
Thanks for your help and the clear explanation. I've tried this and this will work great to show a "red thread".  However I use the link text to show a period of time eg 1981-1986 and sometimes the child thought needs to re-attached to a different parent. Today I do this by unlinking the child, linking it to the new parent and recreating the link text. 
Is there a smarter way to do this (eg drag and drop of the connection points)?
Thanks for your prompt feedback, vinylmeister. Glad if my explanation was helpful.

As you may have already discovered, the link label can easily be preserved by dragging (switching) a thought into a new relationship with an existing thought (child, jump, parent, etc.)

However, if you want to move the link to a new parent, I don't know of any way to preserve the link label since changing the parent is (as I understand it) essentially a matter of creating a brand NEW link.

Hopefully someone with more experience using the thought gates can weigh in on this and let us know if what you want to do can, in fact, be done.
Thanks for your update, as I am new to  thebrain, I thought (pun intented) that I had overseen something

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