If I have a structure like this:

A => B
A => C

B => D
B => E

C => F
C => G

How do I go about selecting D, E, F, G ?

Keep in mind that there may be over a hundred thoughts at that level and below.

If I start with selecting B and C, then there is only a "Show Common Children" option, but what I need is "Select All Children".

Thanks for posting.  On a Windows machine, I would activate B and press the CTRL key (Command on a macOS) then click on the child gate of B.  do the same for C.  You can CTRL click on gates or even drag a square around groups of thoughts to select them.

This video tutorial covers this process and several other advanced options:

Thank you,
Thanks Matt. The "Select Related Thoughts" is a highly undervalued feature.

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