All my thoughts have a date in their name. I want to arrange them alphabetically, so I choose arrange thoughts by name option, but TheBrain arranges them in some strange way. In screenshot I've enumerated them, as they should be arranged.

Am I doing something wrong or it is a bug?

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Hi I think it's because of the characters that come after the numbers. If you use the same character each time they are sorted correctly. See this:

It's one of the strange behaviors of PersonalBrain. This has been reported before but never been "fixed". If you try sorting in Reports by name it's more correct than in the plex.

Michael Skurrie
Thank you, moski!
Even if I do so double dates (-722-705 y.) will not sort with single ones (-609 y.)

It's very serious bug, as I use PersonalBrain for storing historical events it's very important that they can be sorted correctly. May be report it again?
Try this: Insert a space character between the dates. For example, change "-705-681" to "-705 -681".

PersonalBrain sorts numerically when it recognizes numbers. "-705-681" is not a number. Even though you intend "-705-681 to be a range of numbers, PB sees it as a collection of characters and sorts non-numeric thoughts alphabetically.

-- Sam
Sam, thanks a lot! With numbers PB works great. I will just write 705 BC instead of -705

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