I am a newcomer who manage to sync the brain to the Brain cloud Web client,  but not into the webbrain.
I see only the option to create a new brain in the webbrain. What I´m missing?
Have pro-combo license.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jucabika,

If you have managed to sync the Brain to the cloud, then it is on the web brain cloud.

You can check by clicking on the cloud icon, and depending on your setting it should say "Up to Date".

So your question might be how to access this brain via a web browser, just go to https://app.thebrain.com

But I might be missunderstanding the question?

TheBrain 9 & 10 sync to https://app.thebrain.com and V8 sync to https://webbrain.com . These 2 sites are not interchangeable. Brains from 9/10 will only be viewable on app.thebrain.com and Brains from V8 will only be on webbrain.com .

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