Dear all,

I'm running the same brain "database" file on 2 computers: desktop and laptop. While on the laptop, I'm making changes "on the go", while on desktop - i'd doing research. At the same time I use them both as a reference database. So both of the files, though related to the same topic, are having minor changes and might be growing in different directions.

This creates such a stress - over the time, I don't remember what was enetered and where, that is why i'm using the Braina less and less....

How could I merge/synchronise these 2 files, so that they are up to date and identical on both computers?

Many thanks,
To get your two brains on your computers identical, I'd pick a brain, and make that your primary. Now you will have to copy your thoughts that aren't in your primary brain from your other brain. You can select multiple thoughts at a time and then right-click the selection, and copy thoughts, then paste them into your Primary. 

Once you have your primary where you want it, I'd recommend using DropBox to sync both brains. You can read about it here on the PB Google Group page, or search the forum, there should be a ton of info out there on it. 
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Seems this is a common problem when running PB on two computers and I have a "work around" solution to exactly this problem - if we like to call it like this.
I do run the various brains I create on a memory stick (of 8 GB just to be on the safe side) - so the Brain's home is on the memory stick and it will be updated either on the Laptop or on the "main machine", depending if I am on the road or in the office. 
BackUp copies are stored on an external drive in case of loss of the memory stick.
Having tried to use TreeComp to synchronize the program created tons of work - thanks for the hint of using DropBox ... I will try it out at the next sync. 
I would like to second the recommendation of Dropbox for this. I use this method and it works quite well.

However, note well that you can only access the brain at one computer at a time when using it. Don't try to run it on two computers at the same time or conflicts will develop that will result in the necessity of rebuilding the database.

Tom S.
OSX & J-1.6.0_17
KUbuntu 9.10
KDE 4.3.2 & J-1.6.0_16

I use GoodSync (website name is same), for all of my sync between Laptop, NAS, computers and FTP with my websites. There is a free copy, but for the price ($30, $10? for a second), you can sync anything. I like it because you maintain your directory and file structure, you are not required to put everything in a common folder. Worth a look.

While these solutions are good for people who distinctly use one machine or the other, they really do not allow you to use two computers at one time and then merge the results. When I first started exploring the brain I saved my files on my SharePoint site which worked quite well until I opened the file at the same time on my desktop and laptop....actually it was open on my desktop at the office while I opened it again at home :-(

Anyway, I find the brain most useful when used. I have it open at all times with it minimized and the brain button top center so I can get to it all the time.

What would be great is if it could do a better job of "merging". Right now I suspect when thoughts are merged if two are "the same" data from one must be lost. So if I have a thought called "SharePoint Meeting" on both machines and one has 1 attachment and the other I add another attachment. It's impossible to know which is the correct one each time I merge, so it would be great if the software would "merge" the thoughts so they contain the information from both....I know it is a lot more difficult in reality to program this logic, but it would make the software indispensable for those of us who regularly work from 2 machines.

A related problem that I have is multiple people working on the same Brain. The issue is the same as one person with multiple computers.
I was thinking about this when I added a contact to Outlook. Outlook recognized that the contact was there, then merged the information so that the new e-mail address I had, became e-mail 1 and the second one became e-mail 2. Of course this is an overly simplified situation and the brain is much more complicated. But just being able to merge the attachments would be a huge step forward IMHO.

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