I want to set up Types in PB.  It's very helpful to use different icons for different types, but I have no idea if PB ships with icon files, or where I might go to download such files.  Can anyone help with suggestions?  Thanks!

OS X: 10.7.2

There are some included in the Program Files\PersonalBrain\res\tango-icons folder.
However, I generally get all mine from IconFinder.

Edit: Updated to correct path.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
I can't find this "tango-icons" folder that everyone keeps referring to.  Maybe because I have a Mac.

And the IconFinder website/product(s) confuse me.  It looks like their main product is a front-end management system for icons—you still have to buy or get icons from somewhere.

It's all very confusing.  I don't know why this isn't easier in PB.

You can find the same icons on Mac by right-clicking on your PersonalBrain app icon and selecting Show Package Contents.

From there, you would navigate to Contents\Resources\app\res\tango-icons

As a side-note, I really enjoy the icons that IconArchive has to offer. I use a lot of icons from there in my brains and as far as I know most, if not all, of their icons are hosted directly and are free.
Wait... I am asking my brain...
There it is: I use and Both icon archives are free.


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