It took some time until I realized, that the html export function allows me to view brains on my galaxy s3 quite nicely. Heres is how to do that:

1. Export the brain in a SiteBrain HTML.
2. Adjust font size of plex in index.html and also font size of notes in notes.css (folder res) (you can do that with a text editor, I have 36)
2. Copy the folder to your phones sd card.
3. install boat browser
4. open index.html with e.g. es folder explorer - choose boat browser to open
5. In boat browser options go to labs / line wrap / turn off "adjust pages automatically" (I translated it from german maybe a little different)
6. activate fullscreen in boat browser, now it behaves like an app.
7. have fun.

Very nice: Websites from links in notes are shown right there. Must be nice on a hi-res tablet.

Now I'm looking forward to the coming android app a lot more relaxed.

Thanks for this very nice function of html export! Great.


I thought, the SiteBrain HTML is totally useless because the search index / search field does not function at all, at least it does not in Internet Explorer with the newest version of TheBrain installed (and in Firefox/Chrome the brain is not even rendered). So that is why I never bothered to try with Android. Does the search feature work with the boat browser?


Search works, but only very basically; you enter the first letter and are able to scroll in the search list. the following letters are not beeing accounted.
Greetings Olivier
Thanks for your answer!
so search is still unusable for large brains, unfortunate.

if you hover over the thoughts you will see the attached zoomable pictures too?

Are the tags working?


P.S. If so it will be one possibility how the children present the "digital homework's" at school, which should be offline ;-)

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