I realize this has been discussed quite a bit and there are multiple threads about this, so I apologize for starting yet another thread, but there seems to be no easy to way to capture the attention of rest of the forum users.

I've seen the need for linking from a word or phrase within my note (for a thought) to other thoughts in PB.  It would be great to have an option in the hyperlink dialog box to type in, or search and select existing thoughts in the plex, or even better, drag a link visually from notes page to the plex above (assuming the thought you want to link to is already visible in the plex).  I can't imagine how this simple functionality could be overlooked.  Coming from a programming background myself, I don't think this would be difficult to pull of (after all, 'hyperlink' functionality exists, and so does search, and so does the plex animation to make selected thought active and into the center).  But the value would be terrific.

If you really like this idea, please vote on

PB Support told me they regularly monitor the votes here to help them prioritize, so I am a bit surprised that given how much discussion I have seen about this, there were only about 4 votes for this feature!  (I did not start that one, but of course I voted for it.)


This is the one you want to use:
Links to thoughts in Brains via a URI format would allow this, plus the ability to link to thoughts from notes and from other programs.

It already covers linking from thoughts to notes, and is #3.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Being able to link from notes to thoughts and programs would be a useful thing--- if notes were safe, reliable, and usable.

Being able to link to thoughts from outside PB or from one PB brain to another will ALWAYS be useful.

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