Hi All,

I am working on a Natural Language Processing / Doc2Vec project in which I'd like to use the Brain to visualize the results. My solution works to import the results into TheBrain works, but it is not elegant. I have a faint memory, that the script I am reusing now worked well with Brain 10, but Brain 11 throws an error.

I have two files attached.

testbrain_1.brz was generated by exporting a Brain from TheBrain 11, and then trimming the contents of the .brz down to the bare minimum, such that the file still worked when importing to a new Brain. All the files except links.json, thoughts.json, meta.json, and settings.json were replaced with completely empty files. settings.json was also trimmed heavily, with only a single entry remaining - lacking documentation I think the remaining entry is either the "last active thought" or the "home thought".

testbrain_2.brz was generated by my script. To me testbrain_2 looks exactly like testbrain_1, only the UUIDs for the brain, for the links, and the thoughts are different.

When I create a new Brain by importing testbrain_1.brz it works. It loads and the imported Brain opens.
When I create a new Brain by importing testbrain_2.brz, then TheBrain successfully loads the file, but then crashes when opening the imported Brain. The message in the Logs/Error Reports folder: "System.Exception: Cannot find an initial thought for Brain"

If I create an empty brain, then click file/import and select "Add to..." instead of "Create a new brain", then even testbrain_2.brz loads fine, the only thing is, I need to use search to find one of the thoughts that were imported and link it to the rest of the Brain. Not the end of the world, but also not elegant.

I'd welcome some documentation on the .brz minimum requirements, and/or some feedback if anyone is able to spot the reason why testbrain_2.brz does not work when importing it as a new brain.

Thanks & Happy New Year,
Hello Zsolt,

Thanks for writing in. It is generally not recommended for you to edit these BRZ files after they have been created, or create them using anything other than TheBrain, as issues like the ones you mentioned here may arise.

Unfortunately, we do not have documentation of the minimum requirements for a BRZ file. Furthermore, we do not usually provide documentation on internal functionalities of TheBrain such as this.

The only thing we can recommend here would be to back that Brain up the regular way, as provided in TheBrain (File > Back up to Brain Archive).


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