Forgive the newbie question: How is the calendar in TheBrain integrated with iCal?

I can't seem to find any way to sync or integrate them -- and I sure don't want to maintain multiple calendars!

I'm road testing the Pro version and can see the possibilities for a totally cool Visual Primary Information Manager. Yes! Finally. (I go back to the Palm Pilot, EccoPro, InfoSelect, etc.)

Second, related question: Is there a way to integrate \ sync the TheBrain calendar with Google Calendar?

If I have to go bopping out of "my brain" to fuss with either Google calendar in my browser or pull up the iCal program and then reimport, cut paste, whatever -- well, that flat-out defeats the point, it seems to me.

Thanks for your generous assistance!

Currently the limits of integrating the PB calendar with iCal is to add thoughts with links to iCal events. You can do this via an extended search (type some text from the iCal event in the instant search box and hit Return), and clicking the + button on the calendar event in the Search tab. This creates a child thought with a link back to that calendar event.

I believe they are working on Google Calendar integration, at least that is what is says here.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks, Zenrain. Went to the link you included to the Google Calendar integration feature on the wish list. Cast a vote (3 actually) there for future feature development.

Appreciate your thorough reply!


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