The 12 displayed thoughts below contain 12 jpeg. When wandering and returning to this view, some icons have disappeared (here only one) and some icons have the default Vista icon for JPG files.
Depending on your mouse movements over the icons, the icons are then properly displayed.

Is it a Vista issue or due to PB4 ?


Click image for larger version - Name: jpeg.jpg, Views: 135, Size: 54.29 KB
Some icons disappear in WinXP too. Hovering mouse under thought fix it.

I have also had the problem of disappearing icons with XP.

Same problem here.
I also noticed that in the reports tab some icons only show up after i hit the refresh button a couple of times.
A possibly related issue/bug:

has anyone else noticed that when switching between brain files via the new "brain buttons" that some icons from the previous brain file persist in the new one, until the thoughts with the the persistent icons are activated or moused over, at which time the icons disappear? 
Maybe related to this, when applying a thought type that has a color selection to a non-activated thought, the color is not immediately applied but  only shown once the thought is activated.
In order to conserve memory, PB4 does not keep all thought icons in memory at once. For larger images, the thought icon is only loaded on mouseover of the icon and then the image is discarded if it has not been viewed for a while. If you want to guarantee that an image will be displayed, paste it as a thought icon. Otherwise it will only be loaded on demand (mouseover) unless is is a small image.

We are aware of some of the other issues raised and will address them in a future version. Thanks.


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