I have a PC brain and added various images to act as thought icons. When I open this brain on the iMac these icons initially appear but disappear when I hover over them. If I then click on a thought that used to have an icon, PB prompts me with the 'create what type of attachment' dialog.

Any help appreciated.

Clicking on a thought icon (visible or no) will automatically open a single attachment, prompt if you have multiple attachments, or ask to create an attachment on all OS versions if no file is attached, so this is normal. 

I'm not sure why your icons are disappearing after mouseover though, that is strange. If you open the thought folder (right click the thought and choose Open Thought Folder), you should see a file in there called TheBrainIcon.png. Is the file there, and are you able to open it in preview or quicklook the image?
My only thought is the file is corrupted, or PB can't find it for some reason.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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