Mac OSX 10.8

Using latest

While idling activity monitor shows TB around 45% cpu usage. I didn't noticed this with the previous version.
I notice the occasional fluctuation, but for the most part TheBrain 7 stays around 7% for me.  Do you notice this no matter what brain you have open?  Is your brain set to automatically sync? If restart your computer do you notice any difference?


My system specs:
2.4 GHz core 2 duo iMac | 4GB | OSX 10.8 | TB
Alright, I have no idea now. Looks like it has settled down now to around 7%

Maybe it was just doing something when I checked, just for a really long time. 

I'm happy now. :-)
Not sure if this is related, but for me TheBrain runs about 50% CPU consistently, but only if a link is "active". It's as consistent as a light switch. Activate a link, CPU spikes, deactivate the link, CPU drops. 

This happened in v6 and now in v6 Lion and Mountain Lion. MacBook Air 2010.

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