Hi Guys, I have noticed quite a few emails coming into support regarding exported SiteBrains not showing links between Thoughts. In all cases the culprit has been IE8. If your using IE8 to view your exported SiteBrain and the links between your Thoughts are not showing up, please follow the directions below to enable compatibility view .

In IE8, select menu item "Tools" then "Compatibility View Settings", in the pop dialog, check the last option "Display all websites in Compatibility View"

Best regards,


Wouldn't you only need to set the compatibility view on that sitebrain?


Great. That has fixed my problem.  But what about all the other IE8 users looking at my siteBrain.  Is there nothing that can be done in the export utiliy to control this?

I've also noticed that if I use IE8 to hit my sitebrain on Server 2008 (IIS 7) the links appear fine.  Hitting other versions of web servers or just pulling the files up locally seems to require compatibility mode.
I've found the tip below in one of the posts on this forum:

"Try adding the following compatibility tag into your index.html file. The tag needs to be added in the head of the index.html file. "
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

I've added the tag and my IE8 is displaying the links fine again (without turning on the compatibility view)

Hope this helps, 

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