Hello dear thebrain.

it would be the most usefull: having a   if this then that (https://ifttt.com/discover) possibility would be solving so many things i read in the forums:

with such a channel :
IF THIS :i create a googe contact
THEN THAT: thebrain will create a thought for that google contact with the contact details and a link to google contact. The thought would get the thought type 'Contact'

IF THIS: i make a calendar entry in google calendar
THEN THAT: thebrain would create a thought with the entry details attached to the event (in the timeline)
IF THIS: a contact is added  to the entry in the google calendar
THEN THAT: Thebrain will connect the 'contact' thought to the 'event' thought

IF THIS: i connect an 'event' thought with another 'contact' thought in thebrain
 the contact will be added to the calender item in my google calendar.

It could also function as notification system:
IF THIS: a task thoughttype in a client project in thebrain gets changed to a 'done task' thoughttype
THEN THAT: send an email from my mail account to the contact attached to that task thought
IF THIS: a task thoughttype in a client project in thebrain reaches a due date 
THEN THAT: send an email from my mail account to the contact attached to that task thought to remind them to take action on the subject

Just a few examples that would make life with thebrain much easier......

It would make my 'brains' so much more interactive and much less time consuming to maintain.....

Maybe it also demands some extra fields that are standard for thoughts to trigger certain actions in IFTTT:
an field 'date due'
an field 'google contact'
an field 'email adresses to inform' 

+ 100!
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That would be very neat but I suspect it is still years away.
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Your idea of automatically creating a timeline event when a google calendar (or Office 365) event is created is great (how about a two-way link?).  I didn't believe in TB8 events, skipped TB9...TB10's timeline enhancements have me wanting to use it, they've really stepped it up.  For me though, if something is critical it goes in Office 365.  Also, in a work context, others may want to see my availability which falls over if I only enter an event in TB.  Maintaining two systems seems counterproductive so unfortunately the great timeline feature of TB is going unused in my case.
@Enthroned_Casket <http://forums.thebrain.com/profile/5755124>
exactly: thebrain lacks certain features so that i always have to go and manage things elsewhere . So at this time it isn't one tool to rule it all for me......

Hopefully integration through ifttt will come because that opens up unlimited possibbilities (like i described earlier....)

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