Is there any way to quickly import a spreadsheet of data?  It would be great to be able to do this through some utility which allows us to indicate which column is the parent, child, jump, etc.

Right now, I am creating everything by hand!

Not yet.


Maybe this can speed up your work:

Regards, Ad Divide knowledge = multiply knowledge (Windows 10 -  TB8 / TB9)
You can transfer data from Excel to TheBrain by exporting it as XML, copying the XML to the clipboard and then pasting it into a Brain. (I've no idea why there isn't an import XML file option, but pasting from the clipboard works)

To get the XML schema, create a Brain with the right sort of items and then copy the thoughts and paste the XML into an XML editor (or Notepad). You may have to rejig the XML from a number of thoughts to get all the schema items you want. Then import that XML file into Excel and let Excel create a schema.

Finally you need to populate the XML data set in Excel, either programmatically or by hand. It will require a few fiddly bits such as creating GUIDs and ensuring links are correctly defined in terms of the relevant GUIDs. Also Excel does not include the DOCTYPE in the XML it generates, so you have to paste that into the file (if someone knows how to make Excel do this I love to find out).

Took me a few days of VB programming to get it all working. Then I was able to take a taxonomy structure with about 1000 records from Excel and import it into a Brain.

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