According to Feedly, the following post was posted to the Issues forum here. I tried to find that post to see if there were any comments or replies -- particularly from the folks at TheBrain, as I'm having very similar concerns (as I expressed in a different section, in a string of posts comments on the expense of upgrading and my concerns about the focus on the web version of the Brain). I was unable, despite a number of searches throughout the forums, to find either the original post or any responses. I suppose my searches could have been faulty, but in any event I wasn't able to find it, which -- given its import -- makes me a bit suspicious.  Here's the post, which I've cut and pasted from Feedly:

Where are the TheBrain 7 Pro Edition Updates?

When I purchased a license for Pro Edition didn't that include maintenance? Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS are always releasing updates for critical issues to the OS.  Does that mean my Pro Edition will soon be running on untested or QA'd operating systems?

If you want everyone to migrate to the web version of TheBrain (the product being maintained), then give the customers who purchased the Pro Edition a free upgrade and one year free usage. 

I have six databases for different projects and I don't want to keep adding content if they are doomed in being unsupported.

Anyone else feel this way?

Forum: Issues

I saw the post as well. 

Prominent in the benefits of having the Pro Combo is 'free upgrades'--- not specifying whether those upgrades are for the local or web-based version of TheBrain. 

As it's just little more than a month out from a year since the last desktop release, I'm wondering, too, what the future holds.

News of what's to come would be very welcome.
As it has been mentioned several times before, we do have updates coming very soon. But, as always, we do not have any confirmed dates. I can estimate that updates should be coming within the next month or two, but please do not hold me to this statement or expect that it will definitely come true. This is just a speculation based on my own inside information. 

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