I'd like to share Thought types/tags between brains.
A work around to import/export Thought types/tags:
for tags: create a dummy Thought with all tags enabled
for types: create dummy Thoughts for list of Thought types to share with other brains.

Then copy all the dummy Thoughts created for tags and types.
Paste these Thoughts into another brain. Or save the xml content in clipboard to transfer to another computer.
If there are icons for types, sharing between different computers (host -> guest) is not possible with the above method. Instead, one can create a new brain in the host computer and paste the dummy Thoughts, then copy the entire brain to the guest computer.

Hope this feature can be possible in a more direct way.
Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB

I would need that feature as well.

I have many brains and I try to standardise the types across them. So when I copy thought it goes in the right type.


A synchronization or import/export feature would be great help. (I was thinking to post this request myself too.)



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