I'm trying to import the Calendar Brain found here on the forum.

I want to try a 'multiplex' view, and test if it will work for me. BUT the importing of the Calendar brain has apparantly stopped at "Getting attachement" horisontal bar. The importing stops exactly on the middle of the "n" in "Getting".

There seems to be some activity in the Task Manager, but not much, ~3% of CPU. PersonalBrain.exe is also reading and writing VERY slowly.

Is this expected?

Please reply fast, as it is really annoying to have my brain frozen (pun intended).

Edit: I've got the latest Beta
Report on progress.

I set the merging to continue overnight, and the mergin was complete thism morning.

After merging I saw a flaw! Most (8 out of 11) pins were gone. There were only 3 left, so I now have to redefine all my pins.

Conclusion: Merging worked, but very slowly (unknown duration), and pins were somehow removed. Some more work should be put into the merge function.

Merge in should be much faster.


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